How to Register


How to register

Please read this document before registering !

There are 4 steps to register and book your reservation on line :

  1.        Create your account:
  1.        You need a login which is your Email address and a password for this site (see to remind it).
  2.       Enter your personal data. Some are mandatory for registration, others may be entered later
  3.        An Email is sent to you using the Email address above.
  4.       Click on the link provided. Your account is created.
  1.        Buy on line.
  1.        Choose the service you want (3 nights or 2 nights, double room or single room …)
  2.       Enter the quantity including your partner or guests (maximum 4 persons including you).
  1.        Pay on line by card or by bank transfer
  2.        Return on your account the system will ask the personal data for your partner or guests (the number depends on how many services you have booked).

Sign out when you have finished. You can update the data except for the login at any time. Just go to your account.